Repairing Your Car

How To Better Prepare Your Vehicle To Pass The Yearly Emission Test

If you happen to live in a state where you are required to get your vehicle to a service station in order to take an emission test, you might want to prepare for this ahead of time. After all, if it fails and you have to make emission test repairs, this could delay you getting the sticker you need for your windshield, which shows your vehicle is legally allowed to be driven. If you want to prepare for this test as much as you possibly can, in hopes that you will pass it the first time, you will want to make use of the following advice.

Get The Check Engine Light Taken Care Of

Too many people make them mistake of driving around without a care in the world, all while the check engine light is illuminated on their vehicle dashboard. Even if the vehicle is not making any noticeable changes in how it handles on the road or when it starts up in the morning, it is still something that needs to be addressed. More times than not, whatever the problem is, it is enough to cause the vehicle to be unable to pass the emission test. So whether it is a loose gas cap or a bad oxygen sensor, you need to have it checked out and the issue resolved.

Drive On The Highways For A Couple Of Weeks

A few weeks before the scheduled emission test, you will want to drive on the highway as much as you can instead of taking the back roads. This is because the highway is where you will be able to get the vehicle up to a high enough speed that will ensure that the harmful smog particles left in the tailpipe of your vehicle is burned off. You do not want those just sitting there when the mechanic goes to attach the testing connector to your tailpipe. This process helps to get the catalytic convertor in great shape just in time for the emission test.

Add A Fuel Additive To Your Gas Tank

You can purchase a fuel additive at you local gas station or auto parts store. In many cases, you will add all of the contents of the bottle to a full tank of gas. However, it is vital that you are first reading through the directions before using it, just in case the particular additive you are using is a little different. The point of doing this a couple of weeks before the emission test is that the additive will help cut down on the pollutants, which in turn will possibly help you pass the emission test.

Once you are ready to have your vehicle go through the emission test, you will want to schedule to have it done right away. This way, should it still fail for some reason, the current sticker on your windshield has not yet expired. You should have enough time to get the vehicle repaired and then tested again before the current emission sticker expires. For more information, contact companies like Teloloapan  Muffler &  Brakes II Inc.