Repairing Your Car

Purchasing A Foreign Car? How To Find A Good Repair Facility

A large part of purchasing a foreign car involves figuring out where you're going to take it when it needs to be repaired. It's a bit different than having a domestic vehicle because the foreign car may have a special design that requires certain training. Not everyone is skilled enough to work on a foreign car and if you take the vehicle to the wrong technician it could spell disaster. You should start looking for a repair facility the moment you take ownership of the car so that you won't end up in a bind. The information below can guide you as you search for the right repair center.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

The old saying, "birds of a feather flock together" doesn't just apply to people. When you're trying to find a repair facility it's always good to go to a place that has vehicles that are similar to your own. This is a good way to ensure that the people working at a particular center know the ins and outs of how to work on foreign cars.

It's going to take a bit of detective work to discover what kinds of vehicles typically show up at a facility that you're thinking about going to. Take some time out of your schedule to do a stakeout. Notice the kinds of vehicles that line the lot of the repair center. Are they primarily foreign or domestic? Do you see multiple cars that share the same brand and model as yours? Do the cars appear to sit there for days on end, or are they quickly fixed and rotated out for new ones? All of this can give you a general idea of whether or not that repair facility can handle the needs of a foreign car.

Look For Manufacturer Certification

Going to a repair shop that has been certified by your car's manufacturer is a smart move. It means that the technicians at that location have completed extensive additional training so they will be able to diagnose and repair the problems that could come up in your vehicle. Look for a certificate or sticker which shows that you're going to a place that has been deemed a center of excellence for your car's brand.

Your foreign car should be serviced by the very best. Do your part to make that happen by finding a repair facility that meets the right criteria. Talk to mechanics at shops like August European if you have questions.