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Tips For Avoiding Problems When Renting Or Driving A Minivan

A minivan can be an extremely useful type of vehicle, but it is common for individuals to only need access to this type of vehicle sporadically. In these situations, it may be the more economical option for a person to rent the minivan rather than invest in purchasing one. If you are looking to rent one of these vehicles, there are several important steps that you should take to avoid some issues that could be disruptive to your experience using the minivan.

Review Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Some people will simply assume that the protection they enjoy from their auto insurance policy will always transfer to their rental vehicle. However, many of these policies may have stipulations that limit the coverage they provide to the policy holder's personal vehicle. If this is the case, it will be possible to buy insurance from the rental provider, but you will need to thoroughly check your own policy first so that you know whether or not your policy will transfer to the rental vehicle.

Be Mindful of the Refueling Policy

Each car rental company will have its own fees and policies when it comes to refueling vehicles. Some people will be surprised to learn that many rental services charge fairly high fees for those that return vehicles without refueling the tank or at least returning it with the same level of fuel as when it was rented. In fact, these fees will likely be on a per gallon basis, and this can quickly add up for a vehicle with a large fuel tank. If you are worried about remembering to do this, or if you just want to avoid having to seek out a gas station near the rental location, many services will allow you to pay a flat fee so that you can return the vehicle without needing to refuel it.

Avoid Overloading One Side of the Van

Driving a minivan can be very different from operating a traditional sedan or other small vehicles. Sadly, some drivers will fail to appreciate that overloading one side of the van can contribute to serious stability issues while it is in operation. This could lead to the minivan being much more difficult to operate, and this problem may be greatly worsened by the fact that you may have limited experience with driving this type of vehicle. As you are placing your items in the minivan, take care to do this as evenly as possible so that you can avoid having to drive an unbalanced minivan.

To learn more, talk to a minivan rental company near you today.