Repairing Your Car

Reasons To Get Your Car Painted Before You Sell It

When you're preparing to sell your car, you'll commonly spend considerable time and effort making it look its best. This can often include a top-to-bottom interior cleaning, as well as taking the vehicle to your mechanic to get any issues addressed. You should also give some thought to the exterior of the vehicle, especially if you've been driving it for several years. The car's exterior is the first thing that prospective buyers will see, and a pristine paint job is your best opportunity to create a positive first impression. If your vehicle's exterior leaves a little to be desired, an appointment at your local auto painting shop is a good idea. Here are some reasons to get your car painted before you sell it.

The Car Will Look Newer

Automotive paint fades over time, especially if your vehicle spends a lot of time outside — which is the case if you park it in the driveway instead of in the garage. A car that might only be a few years old can actually look older if its paint is noticeably faded, and this can instantly make a prospective buyer think that your asking price for the vehicle should be less. When you get the car painted, it will look newer — and this can help you to command more money for it.

Minor Imperfections Will Disappear

A car's exterior will commonly sustain small incidences of damage over the years. Scratches from runaway shopping carts, small chips from careless motorists' doors, and other similar issues can all leave your vehicle's paint looking less than its best. Even if the car looks good from several feet away, any careful buyer will look closely at the paint and may be able to identify imperfections that could cause him or her to pass on the vehicle or offer substantially less than you're asking. A fresh paint job will remove such imperfections.

Rust Won't Be An Issue

Few things scare away used car buyers quicker than rust, which makes getting rid of any rusty areas a necessity before you list your vehicle for sale. A conscientious auto repair shop won't paint over rust, though — the technicians will carefully remove the rust using any number of methods, patch any holes that remain, and then give the vehicle a fresh application of paint. This way, you'll be getting rid of rust while also improving the appearance of your vehicle.