Repairing Your Car

Signs Your Car's Brakes Are Bad And Repairs Might Be Needed

The brakes on your car get a lot of wear and tear, especially if you do mainly city driving where you have to stop constantly at lights. Brakes can last a long time, but they do eventually wear down. Two parts that often need to be repaired or replaced are the pads and the rotors. Here's how to tell if your brakes are getting bad and how they can be repaired.

Signs Of Brake Trouble

If your car doesn't stop as quickly as it used to when you hit the brakes, that could be a sign your brakes are wearing thin. Other signs include squealing noises from worn pads or grinding sounds when metal scrapes metal when the pad is worn away. Your brakes may feel like they are loose, and you might need to press the pedal all the way to the floor to get the brakes to engage.

You might even feel vibrations when you hit the brakes as they struggle to stop your car. When you notice a change in the way your brakes handle, you'll want to have them inspected as soon as possible so they don't fail you and cause an accident.

Types Of Brake Repair

Repairing your brakes might be as simple as replacing the brake pads. This option may work if you take your car to the shop early before damage has been done to the rotors. Another thing the mechanic may do is bleed off the brake fluid and replace it to remove air and debris from the lines. If your car has a lot of miles on it or if you've driven with bad pads, the rotor or other parts might be worn or damaged.

Sometimes a rotor can be resurfaced. This is sometimes a good option if only one rotor is damaged and the others are still in good shape. However, it's often less expensive to just replace the damaged rotor depending on the car model you have. If you need one new rotor, your mechanic will probably replace two or all four at a time so your brakes work evenly. Other parts that might need to be cleaned or replaced include the brake drums, hoses, cylinders, and calipers.

While you want to have your brakes inspected at the first sign of trouble, you should also take your car in to a local auto service, like Buettner Tire & Auto, for regular preventative maintenance so the brakes can be inspected and repaired before they become worn down. This helps prolong the life of the brakes and keeps you safer when you need to stop your car or slow down.