Repairing Your Car

Several Questions About Transmission Problems Answered

The transmission for your car or truck is a critical component that can lead to major problems if it suffers a malfunction. Sadly, car owners will frequently lack an awareness of what to look for when it concerns problems with this part of the vehicle.

Is It Normal For A Transmission To Slip Gears?

Slipping gears is an issue that many transmissions will experience at some point or another. While it may seem like it is little more than a nuisance, it is actually an indication of a potentially serious problem with the transmission. A transmission will most often slip in response to the internal gears becoming too warped to securely hold the transmission in gear. Also, a transmission that is low on lubricant can be more prone to suffer this type of problem. When your vehicle first starts to exhibit this type of slipping, you should schedule to have it repaired as quickly as possible, as the underlying problem causing the slipping transmission will continue to worsen until repairs are made.

How Would You Know Whether Your Transmission Is Leaking?

A leaking transmission can be a common problem, but it can lead to serious damage, as the lubricant may leak out of the transmission. If you are to prevent this problem from damaging the transmission, you should regularly check for signs of leaking transmission fluid. A simple way of doing this will be to check the surface of your parking spots, as you may be able to see a small puddle of this fluid. Additionally, your vehicle will be equipped with a warning light for low transmission fluid. Additionally, you may be able to manually check the transmission fluid level for your vehicle. Unfortunately, some vehicles are designed in a way that will limit the ability of individuals to check their own transmission fluid levels. If your vehicle is designed in this way, you will have to let an authorized service center perform this evaluation.

What Are Your Repair Options For A Faulty Transmission?

A faulty transmission is an issue that can debilitate your car. When your vehicle develops this type of problem, you must act in a quick manner to seek transmission repair so that the severity and extent of the damage can be limited. Your exact repair option will vary depending on the extent of the damage. When a transmission is suffering from fairly mild damages, it may be possible to simply repair the parts of it that are directly affected. However, instances of extensive damage may call for the transmission to be rebuilt, which can be far more expensive and time-consuming.