Repairing Your Car

Tips For Preventing Windshield Damage

If you want to prevent your windshield from getting damaged, then the following tips should help you:

Keep a Reasonable Distance from Large Trucks

Road debris is one of the most dangerous things as far as your windshield safety is concerned. Flying rocks or gravel can easily crack your windshield if thrown at a high enough speed. That is why you need to keep a safe distance between your car and large trucks on the road, especially construction trucks. For example, construction trucks often have gravel or rock chips caked on them and these can easily fly off and damage your windshield.

Protect Your Car from Weather Damage

Weather is also a threat to your windshield; weather-related damage comes in two main ways. First, falling hailstones, if they are large enough can impact your windshield with enough force to damage it. Secondly, the expansion and contraction of the windshield glass due to temperature fluctuations can also damage the windshield. Therefore, you need a safe place to park your car during the winter season – somewhere it won't be damaged by hailstones. You should also be careful when removing accumulated snow from the windshield because careless removal can also crack the glass.

Maintain the Windshield Wipers

Did you know that windshield wipers can also damage the windshield glass? This may happen, for example, torn, missing or severely worn wiper blades can expose the windshield to damage from the metal strips on the blades. The scratches will reduce your visibility, distract you when you are behind the wheel or even cause glare and reflection of the windshield glass. That is why you need to inspect the wipers regularly and ensure they are sound.

Slow Down on Gravel Roads

Gravel roads have more road debris than tarmac roads. This means the risk of your windshield suffering rock damage if you are driving on a gravel road than a paved road. Slowing down may help prevent the damage because you will be less likely to kick up serious debris.

Repair Windshield Cracks Promptly

Lastly, you also need to repair small cracks and chips on your windshield as soon as they occur. The cracks not only interfere with your visibility, but they also weaken the structural integrity of the glass. If a flying pebble hits your auto glass when it is already full of cracks, it is more likely to develop a serious crack (that will necessitate a replacement) than if it did not have a crack in the first place.

If your windshield does get damaged, repair it as soon as possible because it plays a great role in your road safety. Talk to your auto glass repair tech about the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket glass options available to see which one suits your ride best.