Repairing Your Car

Buying A Diesel Vehicle That Has Been Sitting For Awhile? Make Sure To Understand Diesel Oil Oxidation

Diesel vehicles are a great addition to a construction crew. They provide a highly-efficient, simple, and easy-to-understand engine that creates a large amount of driving power with a minimal waste of fuel. However, there's a good chance that many of these vehicles have been sitting in one place for too long. For example, a diesel vehicle may have been:

  • Sitting on a vehicle lot
  • Inactive during a cold-weather season
  • In a storage facility for an extended period
  • Requiring repairs for serious problems

The problem with a vehicle that has sat for 2-3 months without moving is that many of its fluids start to congeal or run into other problems. One of the most common of these is diesel oil oxidation. Diesel oil helps to provide high-quality lubrication to the many parts inside of an engine. However, if it sits for a few months, it can start to get into rough shape.

Oxidized oil runs poorly and offers very little lubricating benefits. In fact, it is in such a state that it may actually actively damage the engine. If this problem occurs, it can be very difficult to get your vehicle back into great shape. Even worse, you might find that your engine fails to run at all and that you need to install a new one.

Why This Is Such A Concern

For a construction crew, this is a major problem. For example, you may have purchased a diesel bulldozer to finish off a lengthy excavating process for a state highway. Unfortunately, oxidized oil may cause slight damage to the engine that tumbles into a catastrophic failure on the job site. Imagine having to deal with a bulldozer that refuses to run and which requires specialized towing to remove.

These problems can cause lengthy delays that cost you thousands of dollars in lost man hours. Even worse, it may cause your client to sue you for failure to finish a job on time. In these instances, you may be forced to finish the job with no extra pay and to refund the money that you earned from your client before taking on the job.  

That's why it is important to talk to diesel engine repair services before buying a diesel vehicle you believe may have been sitting for an extended period. There's a chance that their oil has become oxidized and need to be replaced. And you can't risk your company funds on a vehicle or engine that is in such rough condition.