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Semi Repair: Why Is It Dangerous To Put Off Changing Your Tires?

Semi trucks are some of the most powerful vehicles on the road today. Because of this, it's important to keep your truck in good repair, including changing or repairing your tires. Tires with worn out tread, bent tie rods, and other damages can cause accidents on the road. You could be liable for any problems your accident causes. If you're a new or seasoned driver with bad tires, here are reasons to change or repair them now.

What Could Happen on the Road?

If you drive your truck long distances or across the country, the tread on your tires can quickly wear down. The truck's tread should be sound enough to grip the road during all types of weather, including snowy and rainy weather. If some of the tires' tread breaks loose, it can fling into the vehicles of other drivers. Your truck may also skid off the road.

Semi trucks also haul substantial loads. The weight of the loads may place additional stress on your bad tires, which can be dangerous and unpredictable. Heat can also affect your tires, by wearing down their adhesives and reducing the air inside them. Blowouts can occur when you least expect it.

If you haven't scheduled a maintenance check of your truck's tires, do so now.

How Do You Prevent Accidents?

A maintenance check allows a technician to inspect the condition of your tires. If your tires are badly worn or compromised by driving, a technician can replace them. It's a good idea that you replace all of your truck's tires, instead of just a few. Old tires can cause problems for you, if they throw your truck off balance.

A tire repair and replacement technician may also check the tie rods, frames, and other parts of the truck that connect to your tires. These items can bend or warp from excessive weather changes and driving. If problems do arise during the inspection, instruct the technician to repair or replace them right away.

Keep your semi's tires in good shape by inspecting them often. Look for worn away tread, or tread that looks loose and degraded. You may also want to check the air pressure inside each tire, as a precaution. Tires with low pressure can place undue stress on your truck, especially when it carries heavy loads.

For more information about maintaining your truck's tires, contact a technician today.

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