Repairing Your Car

Why Is Automatic Transmission Replacement So Expensive?

While most people look at a vehicle and see the engine and body operating as one to create what you know to be a form of transportation, there is one huge component inside of a vehicle that actually allows it to propel by using the engine power: the transmission. When a transmission renders a vehicle unable to move, a lot of vehicle owners are surprised. But they are even more surprising is the fact that having a transmission replaced can be so costly. Why is it the transmission is such an expensive thing to replace in a vehicle? Here is a look at why this is one of the more costly repairs. 

The transmission is extremely time-consuming to take out and put back in.

The transmission rests underneath of the engine, usually positioned back just a bit closer to the center of the car. The positioning alone makes the transmission a bit of a challenge to remove, but it is all of the lines and connections that make it even more difficult to take out. In a lot of cases, the engine will have to be removed before the mechanic can even get to the tranny and all of its connections. 

The transmission is filled with intricate components. 

The transmission is not one single-operating automotive part; it is actually comprised of several gears, bands, cogs, and other intricate parts. During a transmission rebuild, if you go that route instead of full-on replacement, these parts are removed and replaced with new ones. However, if you choose to have the full transmission replaced, you are getting the full housing and all of those intricate parts inside, which can be quite costly, especially for some transmission models. When you look at a diagram of a typical transmission and see all of its working parts, it is easier to understand the higher price tag. 

The transmission replacement is reserved for specially skilled mechanics. 

Even though most mechanics will know the basics of transmission repair, not all of them know how to aptly handle a full-on replacement. This type of mechanic work is something that not all mechanics are trained to do. Because there are fewer mechanics who specialize in transmissions, their time can be more valuable because they are in high demand. This means that hiring a transmission repair mechanic can be somewhat higher than hiring a regular mechanic, much like hiring a cardiologist would be more expensive than hiring a general practitioner. Contact a service, like Mr. Transmission, for more help.