Repairing Your Car

Are You Buying A Used Car For Your Kid? Make Sure They Know These 3 Warning Signs Of A Failing AC Compressor

Used vehicles are ideal for new drivers who may not be ready to take on a car payment but need a way to get to and from work or school. However, the possibility of your kid's car coming with a few quirks goes up along with the mileage. Car AC units on older vehicles sometimes do go out, but you can help your child keep their car cool by showing them how to notice these three early warning signs of a problem with the compressor.

Watch Out for Warm Air Coming Out

Car air conditioning units consist of multiple components that all work together to get cold air flowing from the vents. Often, the fan will continue to work even if the compressor has stopped cooling the air. When this happens, your kid may notice that the air still blows out of the vents but it's too warm to do any good. Although this can also happen because of a refrigerant leak, it's best to schedule a car AC inspection to determine what the problem is for sure so that it can be repaired.

Listen for Odd Noises

Older cars sometimes make strange noises, but your kid should always be alert for anything that sounds different from normal. The average AC compressor may make a slight click upon start up or your kid may notice the sound of the fan blowing. However, they should never hear loud squeals or knocking sounds. These types of noises can indicate issues that range from low lubricant to a seized clutch. Direct your kid to turn off the engine when they hear this sound to avoid causing further damage until they can arrange for broken compressor repair.

Look for Visible Signs of Damage

Your kid may notice obvious signs of damage when they are checking other things under the hood such as the fluids. A failing AC compressor may have rust or oil stains that indicate leaks. Frayed or worn belts may be visible, and a compressor that is being knocked by other components may have chipped paint. Any of these signs warrant a trip to the AC mechanic to get the underlying problem repaired.

Although air conditioning in a car may feel like a luxury, your kid's AC unit plays a role in filtering contaminants from the air while keeping the cabin temperature at safe levels during periods of heat. Make sure that your child knows the basics of keeping their car's AC compressor working properly so that they can immediately recognize a problem before it leads to further deterioration of the car. For more information, contact companies like Modern Auto Air.