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Why Your Manual Transmission May Be Struggling To Shift

If you drive a manual transmission car, then one of the problems you can experience is difficulty in shifting. This problem has several causes, and you cannot always tell which one you are dealing with at any time. Here are some of the common causes of shifting difficulties associated with manual cars:

Malfunctioning Clutch System

The clutch sits between the engine and the car's wheels, but it can also be disconnected to let the wheels run free. This is sometimes necessary; for example, if you want to change the gears, you need to remove the clutch from the equation and select the right gear. This also means that a malfunctioning clutch system can interfere with your car's ability to switch to different gears.

Remember that the clutch system is made up of several different parts, and damage to any of these parts can interfere with shifting. For example, if the cylinder that contains the transmission fluid is damaged, it can lead to loss of fluid pressure, which means the clutch system may not have adequate power to shift.

 Low or Compromised Gear Oil

The gear oil has to main functions; it lubricates the gear teeth and also dispenses heat generated by the movement (hence friction) of the gears. A lubricated gear system is necessary for smooth shifting, which translates into a smooth ride. The gear oil deteriorates or gets contaminated over time, and this reduces its viscosity and lubricating ability. Damage to the gear system may also cause the gear oil to leak. Both compromised gear oil and low gear oil will result in reduced gear lubrication and make it difficult for the gears to shift.

Damaged Gear Teeth

The gear teeth are the mechanisms through which the different gear systems (such as reverse or counter gear) engage each other. The gear teeth lock into each other like a cog, enabling one gear to move the other. Obviously, this latching (and unlatching) should be smooth and efficient if the shifting is to be smooth and trouble-free. Therefore, if the gear teeth are worn, broken or bent, it will be difficult for the specific to lock onto the next gear, resulting in shifting difficulty.

There are two main reasons why you need your car serviced as soon as possible if you are finding it difficult to shift. First, it means something is wrong with the car, and the problem can only get worse if you don't solve it. Secondly, it will interfere with your driving by locking you out of some gears.

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