Repairing Your Car

3 Fuel Injection System Problems That Cause A Loss Of Engine Power

There are various problems that could be causing your car to lose power. Some of the problems you may not really notice, and others could be causing you car troubles and headaches. A lot of the power loss problems are due to modern fuel injection systems and can easily be repaired. Here are some of the common fuel injection problems that may be causing you to lose power:

1. Oxygen Sensors Failing And Causing Fuel Injection Problems

Oxygen sensors are part of your fuel system that can cause serious problems when they fail. Even a dirty oxygen sensor can cause a significant loss of power. The oxygen sensor is part of your exhaust system that detects oxygen levels, and when it is not working, it can cause problems with your car's fuel system and performance. Wear is common with oxygen sensors, which is why the sensor in your car will eventually need to be replaced as your car ages.

2. Faulty Fuel Pump Causing Problems With Fuel Delivery To The Engine

The fuel pump could be another problem with the fuel injection system of your car. When the fuel pump begins to fail, your engine will not get the fuel it needs. This problem could lead to the engine stopping while you are driving down the road, problems getting the engine started or the engine shutting often while stopped. If some of these problems sound familiar, it is a good idea to take your car to an auto repair service and have the fuel pump replaced if needed.

3. Bad Fuel or Fuel Injectors Causing Problems With Starting and Idling

Bad fuel is another cause of fuel injection problems, which can lead to dirty injectors and other problems with the fuel system. If your car is more sensitive to less refined fuels, use a premium fuel instead of the cheapest gas. To ensure the fuel injection system is clean, as a treatment to your tank occasionally to keep the injectors clean. If you have tried using premium fuel and adding treatments to the tank, it is probably time to take your car to a repair service and have the fuel injectors replaced.

These are some of the common fuel injection problems that could be causing your car to lose power. If you need help solving your car troubles, contact an auto repair service to help with the diagnostics and get to the bottom of what is causing the problem. Contact a shop, like AutoMedics, for more help.