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A Look At Common Myths About Automatic And Manual Transmissions

Some say it is a matter of preference; others claim that it's a matter of familiarity. There are all kinds of debate as to whether a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission is the best. In the US, automatic transmissions are the most common, but if you travel outside of the country, you may be surprised to find a lot of places rely on a manual. The fact is, the debate as to which tranny is the best seems to never die, and each side of the coin falls victim to certain myths that they often use to wrongly validate their reasoning for picking one transmission over the other. 

Myth: Manual transmissions are simply more fuel efficient than automatic. 

It is true that a manual transmission, when driven properly, may give you a little more fuel efficiency, but this is pretty much only true if you are driving a vehicle that is an older model. You see, the only reason a manual tranny was ever more fuel efficient was because it relied on your input to change gears at precisely the correct moment, no RPMs wasted, and, therefore, no fuel wasted. Modern automatic transmissions are much more capable these days of mimicking the actions of a human being, so even though the car does the work on its own to change the gears, these cars can be just as efficient as a vehicle with a manual shifter. 

Myth: Sports cars always come with a manual tranny because this is the superior option. 

This myth gets tossed around a lot by manual transmission enthusiasts but is actually a falsehood. Many sports cars do come with a manual transmission, but because many sports cars are European made, they would naturally be equipped with the primary tranny of their location. Plus, there are actually sports cars that have an automatic transmission; even though this is less common. 

Myth: Your car is less likely to get stolen if you have a manual transmission. 

A determined car thief will probably figure out pretty quickly how to drive a stick shift over an automatic if they don't know already. Modern manual transmission cars are easier to maneuver and operate anyhow, so this myth really doesn't hold a lot of merit. Most cars stolen probably are automatic here in the United States, but most cars have an auto tranny anyway, so there is no parallel between the fact and the myth. 

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