Repairing Your Car

Think You Need Your Brakes Serviced? 2 Trouble Signs To Look Out For

While many mechanics will inspect your brakes when rotating your tires, there may be a time when you need your brakes inspected between visits. If you are not sure what trouble signs you should be looking for, here are some common indications that you should take your car to a mechanic.

Your Vehicle Will Pulls Off To The Side When Braking

Your car can drift on the road for a variety of reasons. For instance, having wheels that are not balanced will cause a constant drift when you are on the road. However, you need to pay attention to how the car drifts when braking to determine if the drifting involves your brakes. Uneven brake pad wear can cause the brakes to apply unevenly, which results in one braking pad making more contact with the wheel when braking.

Another issue that can cause the vehicle to pull is a problem with the brake calipers. These are clamps that help apply the right amount of friction to the vehicle's rotors when stopping, with the brake hope giving the fluid necessary to keep the parts lubricated and functioning properly. A collapsed brake hose or stuck caliper can lead to drifting when braking because the brakes cannot do their job properly.

You should have your vehicle inspected, so a mechanic can check for all of these problems to determine what is wrong with your brakes.

Your Vehicle Doesn't Stop Quickly

Another reason to be concerned is when there has been a change in how long it takes your vehicle to completely stop when applying the brakes. This happens when the is a reduction in friction on the car's rotor, and it can no longer stop the vehicle fast enough so that you are safe. The problem can start suddenly or happen gradually over time.

The common reason for this problem is brake pads that have worn down. The pads are most likely well below the minimum thickness required for brake pads, which is not good for your vehicle or your safety. If you continue to ignore this problem, you'll eventually have a problem where the rotors grinds against the calipers, which creates friction where metal is rubbing against metal. This makes it much harder to stop the vehicle suddenly.

You should also check brake fluid levels to see if you have enough. Having low brake fluid will result in less pressure being created when you apply the brakes. If you ignore the brake fluid, your brakes may completely fail when driving.

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