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Three Signs Your Truck's Cooling Fan Is Failing

The engine in a truck generates a great deal of heat during operation. To avoid overheating, your truck is equipped with a cooling fan that regulates the temperature. When the fan is functioning all is well, but the opposite is the case when it fails. It's essential you know how to recognize some of the indicators that often mean the motor is failing. Ensure you know the warning signs to look for.

Engine Overheating

The most common indication of a failing cooling fan is engine overheating. When the engine heats up, the fan will activate to lower the temperature reading of the engine quickly. However, a failing motor will not turn on, and the temperature of the engine will continue to rise. 

Engine overheating is a severe problem. In the early onset, the issue can lead to a harder run, but over time, the issue can lead to total engine failure. 

Fan Comes on Intermittently

The cooling fan is a sensor-triggered system in that it should only turn on when the engine is hot. If the fan turns on intermittently, such as when you first turn your car on, don't ignore this issue. Unless there is another issue taking place, your truck's engine should not be warm in the moments after you first turn it on, so the fan should also not power on. 

A cooling fan that never goes off or does not come on at all is also equally concerning. While these are signs of a failing motor, damage to the wiring system that connects the fan could also cause similar problems.  

Fuse Problems

When the cooling fan fails at keeping the engine cool, the uncontrolled heat generated by the overheating engine can create a trigger effect. One outcome of the effect is damage to your fuses. For example, as a protective measure, the fuse to the fan might blow. 

When it blows, even if you have the fan repaired, if the fuse is not replaced, the fan system won't work. Even if you have not experienced overheating or any noticeable difference in the way the fan operates, if you look at the fuse box and notice that the cooling fan's fuse is damaged, you likely have an issue on your hands. 

Your company depends on your truck. An issue with your vehicle can prevent you from completing many of the tasks you need to achieve on a daily basis. If you recognize these, or any other, concerning signs take your vehicle to a commercial truck repair professional, like those at C L Enterprises, as soon as possible.