Repairing Your Car

What Causes A Transmission Fluid Leak And How It's Repaired

One common problem with transmissions is a loss of fluid. A leaky transmission needs to be repaired as soon as possible because eventually, all the fluid will leak out. The fluid keeps your transmission cool, and it lubricates the moving parts, so if the fluid is low, the transmission could be damaged when you drive your car. Here's a look at what can cause transmission fluid to leak and how your transmission repair service can fix the problem.

What Causes A Leaky Transmission?

Your car's transmission is usually sealed tight so that no fluid leaks out. If fluid leaks, then that's a sign of a problem somewhere. There might be a gap, worn seal, or puncture hole that's allowing fluid to leak out. You might not notice the fluid is leaking, but it's usually possible to tell after your car has been parked in the same place for a while and a puddle of fluid accumulates under the car.

A transmission leak can be very slow, or it can develop suddenly and allow the fluid to drain out quickly. Leaks develop due to age and deterioration of seals and because parts come loose due to vibrations of the car. Also, hitting road debris or driving over a curb can puncture the metal or fluid line and cause a sudden leak.

How A Mechanic Repairs The Leak

The first step is to find the leaking area. Sometimes, this is easy since the fluid may be seen dripping out of a puncture hole. Other times, finding the leak is difficult, and it may require checking various parts of the transmission for signs of wear or damage. Fixing the leak could be quick and simple if it's caused by a loose part since tightening it may be all that's required. A puncture or other damage may require replacement of the lines, seals, or metal pan. If you drove the car while it was low on fluid, the transmission may have other problems that need repairs because of the damage that was caused. After repairs are made, the mechanic restores the fluid level and ensures there are no other problems with the transmission so that you can drive without worry.

It's important to repair a leaking transmission promptly, but in order to do that, you have to notice the leak. Make it a habit to check under your car routinely for signs of fluids leaking out, especially if you've recently hit something while driving. Also, don't ignore the check engine light in your car. It comes on for so many non-serious problems that it is easy to put off having it checked, but the light can warn you about low transmission fluid too. Have the codes read promptly when the light comes on so you can have repairs done quickly when they're needed.