Repairing Your Car

Why Is Your Check Engine Light On?

When your check engine light comes on in your car, you need to take it seriously. While some issues are not dire, others are more significant and can damage your car. It can often be difficult to determine exactly what the issue is. Here are some possible issues that are causing your check engine light to come on:

Loose Gas Cap

One issue can simply be because your gas cap is loose. The gas cap is an important component of a vehicle's fuel delivery system. When it is loose, you can encounter some issues. If your check engine light is on, make sure the gas cap is on tight.

Failed Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor measures unburned oxygen in an exhaust system. The point of an oxygen sensor is to send information to the vehicle's computer system. The information helps regulate the air and fuel that goes to the cylinders. The car will still work if the oxygen sensor fails, but it will use more gas. If the sensor stays in poor condition, there can be damage to the spark plugs and other parts of the vehicle.

Failed Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system. It converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. This issue is rare and is relatively easy to replace. Fortunately, if you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle through fuel filter changes and oil changes, your catalytic converter should stay in good condition.

Bad Spark Plug Wires

The spark plug wires move electricity from the ignition to the spark plugs. When the wires do not work, the air and fuel in the cylinders will not start. You know the spark plug wires are not good is when the vehicle is rough when idling or when the engine begins performing poorly.

Leaking Vacuum System

Every vehicle has a vacuum system. This system performs many tasks, including the control of the brake boosters and keeps emissions from leaking. If the vehicle starts to surge and idle, the vacuum system may be leaking.

As time goes on, the vacuum hoses can get cracked or dried out when they get old. There could also be loosened connections or cracked fittings that caused the leak.

Any time you have a check engine light that comes on, be sure to have it checked. You do not want to deal with an issue that could damage your car permanently.

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