Repairing Your Car

Common Auto Repair Services That You May Need For You Car Or Truck

Auto repair services can cover many different things, and while some particular fields may require a dedicated tech, most repairs can be made by the technicians in your local auto repair shop. Most shops handle both service and repair, making it convenient for you and allowing you to work with one shop that you are comfortable with for most of your auto repair needs. 

Auto Service

One of the most common reasons to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop is not because it is not working but because it needs maintenance to ensure it keeps running correctly. Oil changes, lube jobs, and tire rotations are all critical parts of servicing your vehicle. Without these services, parts would wear out more quickly – and then the vehicle could break down and need extensive repairs. 

Working with your local auto repair shop to keep your car on a maintenance schedule is often the best way to find problems before they become significant issues and require repairs. Many times, an adjustment to the suspension, or changing a seal that is dripping, can be the difference between keeping the car running and driving correctly, or having it end up in the shop for a major repair. 

Common Repairs

Auto repair shops handle all kinds of repairs, but some of the most common ones are things that every car will eventually need. Brake work is near the top of the list because the brakes on your vehicle wear a little every time you use them. 

When you depress the brake pedal, the brake pads squeeze the brake rotor and slow the vehicle down. Still, the friction generated during this process causes the material to slowly wear off the brake pads until there is not enough left to do the job. The auto repair shop can change the pads for you when the time comes, and inspect the rest of the brake system to make sure they are working correctly. 

Other parts high on the list of common repairs are the tires, because they wear over time. A tech can rotate the tires during service visits to help extend the life of them, but eventually they will need replacing. Many of the most common repairs on vehicles fall into this same category of parts that wear with use. 

Batteries, alternators, starter motors, belts, shocks, and other suspension parts all have limited lifespans and will wear over time. Keeping an eye on these parts, and changing them when they start to wear out, can help reduce the chances of breaking down on the road in your car or truck.

For more information about auto repair service, contact a local auto repair shop.