Repairing Your Car

5 Car Sounds That Mean You Need A Mechanic

Your car is supposed to make some sounds. However, your vehicle shouldn't be making a bunch of sounds when you are driving around. Therefore, it is essential to know what sound you need to be concerned about when you hear them.

Squealing When Speeding Up

When you speed up, you may hear your engine humming, but you shouldn't hear it squealing. If you hear your engine squealing when pressing on the gas, your fan belt is either loose or worn out. Either way, you need to get your vehicle to the mechanic right away. When your fan belt isn't operating correctly, it can cause other issues with your engine. The mechanic will tighten your belt up if it is loose or replace it if it is seriously damaged.


Hissing is a very unique sound and a very serious sound. If you hear your vehicle hissing, you should immediately pull over. A hissing sound is generally caused by your engine overheating. However, it can also be caused by a hole in some sort of rubber hose.

This is a situation where you will want to get your vehicle to the auto shop immediately, and you may even want to consider towing your vehicle. An overheating engine or a leaking hose can impair your ability to drive safely.


When you change gears, you may hear your engine working as it speeds up, but you shouldn't hear a clunking sound. If you notice a clunking sound when you are changing gears, that is usually a sign that something is off with your transmission. You are going to want to get that transmission issue fixed before it becomes more serious.

Sudden Loud Bang

A sudden loud bang when you are driving can be really startling, especially when the sound is coming from your vehicle. A sudden loud bang can be caused by your car backfiring. That generally means that you have a clogged air filter or that you have an issue with a catalytic converter. This sound can cause you and others around you to panic, which is why you will want to get it addressed immediately. 

Squealing When Braking

If your brakes squeal when you press on them, don't worry; this is what they are designed to do when the pad starts to wear out. Brake pads are specially designed to make a squeaking sound when the pad starts to wear out so that you know that it needs to be replaced. 

If your car makes any of the odd sounds above, you will want to get your vehicle to a mechanic so that they can figure out the root cause and fix your vehicle. These are all sounds associated with serious issues you shouldn't ignore. 

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