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3 Questions About Getting a Brake Inspection

Are your brakes not acting properly and do they need a brake inspection? If so, you likely have some questions about this part of routine car maintenance. Here are some things you should know about your vehicle's brakes and when you need a car technician to look at them. 

1. Does Your MIleage Matter When Determining The Need For A Brake Inspection?

Some people think that the need for a brake inspection only happens after a certain amount of miles, much like an oil change. That is not necessarily true, since it depends on the wear and tear put on your vehicle. A car that does a lot of highway driving and doesn't frequently use the brakes is going to see less wear than a vehicle that does a lot of city driving where there is frequent stopping. Don't let your mileage determine the need for a brake inspection because of this, and pay attention to signs such as noises, vibrations, and stopping distance. 

2. What Is The Mechanic Looking For During The Brake Inspection?

One thing that the mechanic will check is the brake pads themselves. They are looking at the thickness of the pad and how much of it is left, and will likely recommend new brake pads if they have worn down to the point of the wear indicator is showing. This may be why you brought your car in to be inspected because the wear indicator is causing a squealing noise when you drive as metal rubs against metal.

The rotor will also be inspected to ensure that it is uniform in shape and free of any damage. Old rotors that need replacement will have a ridge or rust on them, scoring across the metal plate, look dull overall, and be warped.

3. Do Brake Pads And Rotors Always Need Replacement?

Rotors don't always need to be replaced. A mechanic can try to save them by resurfacing the rotor to get it smooth once again. It's possible to get the rotors back to a state where they can perform very close to new rotors once again. Brake pads can also be serviced so that you can get rid of the smoothness of a brake pad, which will allow it to get a better grip on the rotor with that rough brake pad texture. 

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