Repairing Your Car

Advice For Finding And Working With A Mechanic When Repairing A Vehicle With An Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are amazing resources for motorists that want to have long-term repair protection. If your vehicle ever does need a repair under this warranty, here are some protocols for finding the right mechanic and working with them. 

Determine if you Have to Use an Authorized Mechanic 

One way to narrow your search when looking for a mechanic to work on a car with an extended warranty is determining if they have to be authorized or not. Your manufacturer will have a say in this, so make sure you consult with them prior to finding professional repair assistance.

If they do require you to work with an authorized mechanic, see who's in their network and then search accordingly. Whereas if the manufacturer doesn't have these rules in place, you can increase your search scope and find a mechanic of your choosing.

Verify Mechanic is Experienced with Your Vehicle's Make and Model

Another important criterion to focus on when looking to find a mechanic to work on your vehicle with an extended warranty is ensuring they have experience with your make and model. That will ensure this extended warranty doesn't get voided throughout the repair process.

The mechanic will follow your manufacturer's repair protocols to perfection so that you can still benefit from this warranty even after this repair process is complete. Relevant car experience also will make you feel better about this entire repair process with a mechanic.

Make Sure Warranty is Still Active

After finding the right mechanic to work with, it's important to make sure your car is still under warranty. You may not be sure if you've had your car for a while, but there's an easy way to find out. You just need to track down the warranty paperwork that you received when you first opted into this protective coverage.

If you can't find it, then you may need to contact the dealership that you got the warranty from initially. They should have all of this information available. Showing proof that your warranty is still active is important for not paying all of the repair costs on your vehicle. 

Having an extended warranty on your vehicle is a great way to save money when repairs come up. You just want to make sure you work with the right mechanic and then verify this warranty is active. Then your repair process isn't going to be costly or that stressful. 

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