Repairing Your Car

Top 4 Indicators That Your Vehicle's Transmission Needs Servicing

The vehicle's transmission is the connection between the engine and the wheels. It transfers the power from the engine to the wheels when maneuvering it on the road. A transmission system works similarly whether your vehicle is manual or automatic. In manual systems, you start with the first gear and progress as the car gains speed. The automatics have a torque converter that automates the gearing and acceleration process. Here are the top four indicators that your vehicle's transmission needs servicing. 

The Car Has Poor Acceleration

When you have enough transmission fluid in the system and the components are working well, your car should respond immediately to acceleration. Every vehicle comes with its optimum acceleration rate. For example, the manual will tell you how many seconds it takes for the car to move from one speed to a higher one. If your car keeps dragging at green lights, it is time to think about checking the transmission state. 

Fluid Keeps Leaking from the System

Leaking fluid indicates that the system is damaged. However, it is hard to differentiate between transmission fluid, oil, and other fluids that run the vehicle. There is a high chance that your system is leaking if you have noticed dark spots beneath the car or on the garage floor and driveway. You should consult an auto mechanic about checking the state of the transmission. A leak reduces the amount of fluid, which reduces the effectiveness of the transmission process. 

The Transmission Keeps Slipping

Your vehicle will only slip in and out of gear when you have a serious issue affecting the transmission system. A malfunctioned transmission slips in and out of gear as you climb steep hills. It is a scary experience because the car can spin out of control at any time. It is advisable to take the vehicle to the auto mechanic the first time the problem happens to assess and repair the transmission. Restoring the system to its normal function helps you avoid incidences. 

The Vehicle Check Engine Light is On

The check engine light comes on for many reasons, including transmission problems. You should take your vehicle to a competent auto transmissions service mechanic to help figure out if your transmission needs repairs.

The best way to handle transmission issues is to take the car to the mechanic as soon as you notice these signs of trouble. They will help maintain the system to restore your vehicle's maneuverability, efficiency, and safety on the road.