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Top 4 Indicators That It's Time For Windshield Replacement

The windshield plays an important role in protecting you from harmful external forces when driving. That's why you need to keep it in great shape at all times. For instance, you shouldn't hesitate to contact an auto glass expert if you notice cracks or chips. The expert will inspect your vehicle's windshield and advise you on appropriate repairs or replacements. Here are signs you should seek immediate windshield replacement from an auto repair expert.

Your Windshield Has Cracks and Chips

When your windshield gets chipped or cracked, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a windshield replacement expert. Cracks can form when a rock or small tree branch hits the windshield. It may also result from the impact of an accident. Though minor cracks are easy to fix, you should consider replacing the windshield if they're more than a few inches long.

You Notice Signs of Pitting On Your Windshield

Pitting are small chips on your windshield that mostly form when debris continually hits your window. If you frequently drive on the highway, there's a great possibility that your windshield will experience pitting. You'll notice pitting in the early morning hours and late in the evening as the sun sets. 

On a pitted windshield, raindrops stick on the glass, causing it to reflect a lot of light. This hinders clear visibility while driving, which is why timely windshield replacement is advised.

You See a White Haze around Your Windshield Edges

Your windshield has two glass layers bonded to a plastic layer. So, in case your windshield breaks, the broken glass pieces won't disperse and cause significant injuries to you and your passenger. 

Usually, when the plastic separates from the glass layer, it creates a white haze on your windshield. While this may not obstruct your visibility, it will compromise your safety in case of a crash because the windshield will break into large pieces that may hurt you.

Your Windshield Has a Swirly or Cloudy Appearance

A swirly or cloudy appearance on your windshield can result from contamination and aging. And when your windshield chips, dirt particles will stick under it, intensifying the swirl marks. In addition, the glass can turn green or yellow if you drive in an industrial area often. While this cloudy impression may not seem problematic at first, it may ultimately turn to an opaque block. So, if your windshield develops such an appearance due to aging or swirl marks, contact your auto glass technician for windshield replacement.

Your windshield can last a long time, but several issues may come up, prompting a replacement. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, seek the immediate intervention of a window replacement company, like Auto Glass Experts.