Repairing Your Car

Should I Repair Or Replace My Tire?

If your tire has been punctured, the most affordable way to handle the problem is to have the tire repaired. After your tire has been patched, it might become punctured a second time and might need to be repaired again. However, there is a limit to how many times your repair your tire and there are some cases where a tire has to be replaced. 

Your Tire Could Be Repaired

Not all tire damage requires a tire replacement. Tire services can quickly repair tires with a tire patch or a tire plug. You may be able to have your tire patched and your tire will be safe to drive on afterward.

The patch is not a permanent solution and you will need to have it repaired eventually. If you have a flat tire, low tire tread, tire wear, a tire warning light, or vibrations, it's more likely that your tire will need to be fully repaired so that it's safe to drive on.

How to Know if Your Tire Can Be Repaired

Whether or not the tire service will repair or replace your tire depends on the location of the puncture and the severity of the damage. Small punctures in the tread area can usually be repaired. However, if the tire is punctured twice and the punctures are close together, you might need to have your tires replaced. 

Punctured Sidewalls

A puncture on the sidewall is one of the worst locations to have your tire be damaged and you will very like need to have your tire replaced. You might notice the tire has a side bubble that resulted from a high-impact accident. 

You'll want to verify the location of the puncture as soon as possible by taking your tire to a tire service. The longer your tire is flat and the lower the PSI (pound per square inch), the more likely that it will be damaged beyond repair.

Previously Damaged Tires

Even if you are able to repair a tire that has been punctured, it's very unlikely that you will be able to repair the tire if the puncture is in the same location again. However, it's important to contact a tire repair service to make sure.

The repair service will help you determine if you are able to have your tire repaired, regardless of whether it was punctured by a nail at a construction site or if your car was involved in a major accident. 

Contact a local tire repair service to learn more.