Repairing Your Car

What You Need To Know About Car Brake Repair

Your brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car. This is why you want to give them the respect they deserve by maintaining them correctly and having them repaired at the first sign of trouble. The information below will explain some of the signs of brake failure to you and give you more information about your brake system. 

Signs of brake trouble

When your car's brake pads or discs become worn down, and the system starts to malfunction, there will be some telltale signs that let you know there is something wrong. It's important for you to both recognize these signs and act quickly to have the brakes repaired. 

Your brakes are making a squealing noise

There is a warning system built into brakes that causes them to start squealing as they become worn down. This is designed to let you know that the brakes have come to the point where they need to be repealed. If you continue driving the car at this point, then they will become thinner than they should, and this will put your rotors at risk. 

Your brakes sound and feel like they are grinding

If you feel and hear that the brakes are grinding, then this means you've worn them down to the point where the metal is touching more metal. This puts you and everyone around you in a dangerous situation because they can end up failing at any time. Also, it's highly likely that you'll end up with rotors that need to be repaired if you continue driving any longer with the brakes in this condition. 

Your car will start needing more space to stop

If you are noticing that you suddenly need more space to stop the car than you usually do, then you are experiencing brake problems. At this point, you want to get the car in immediately to have the brakes repaired because your car is no longer safe for you to continue driving on the roadways. 

The car vibrates each time you step on the brakes

When your brakes are very bad, your car can feel like it is vibrating. When things have come to this point, it means the brakes are grinding against the rotors. Not only is this a hazardous situation, but each time you step on the brakes, you are damaging the rotors, and that metal rubbing against the rotors is what's causing that feeling. The car needs to get in for brake repairs immediately. 


You always want to pay attention to your car and take it in for the repairs it needs promptly. However, brake repairs really need to be taken seriously. If you have a BMW or any other type of car, you don't want to risk the chance of having complete brake loss. Contact a local service, such as a BMW brake repair service, to learn more.