Repairing Your Car

What You Need To Know About Small Engine Maintenance And Repair

Small engine repair is similar in some ways to automotive service and repair, and keeping your small engine running correctly requires some care and maintenance. Often engines on mowers, rototillers, and machines you use around your home or property need basic service, but when they stop running, diagnosing the problem and fixing it requires a small engine repair shop.

Small Engines

A small engine does not always have low horsepower, but the design is different than an engine used in a car or truck. Typically, these engines are gasoline-powered and use internal combustion with a spark plug, carburetor, and reciprocating assembly, but the timing method, spark, and design are different. 

Most small engines do not use a camshaft or valves for intake and exhaust timing, and while the design is efficient, it can be confusing to work on if you are not familiar with the theory used in the design. Small engine repair shops can help if you are having trouble with your equipment, but starting with some basic care and maintenance can ensure the engine is in good working order and keep your machines out of the shop.

Engine Maintenance

Like their larger cousins, small engines use a crankcase filled with oil to lubricate the engine internally. However, the engine may not have an oil pan like a car, so finding the drain plug on the low point of the crankcase is necessary if you want to change the oil. 

Often the plug looks like a pipe plug and may be on the side of the case, near the lowest part of the engine. The oil should be changed regularly, and the owner's manual for your machine should have details about when to change it, how to find the plug, and what oil to use when refilling it. 

The spark plug is also essential to the system, and often small engines that are not running need a new sparkplug because the old one has shorted out or is too dirty to provide the spark necessary for the engine to run. Keeping the engine clean and well-maintained will help reduce the issues you have with it. 

Making Repairs

If your small engine is not running and you can't determine why taking the equipment to a small engine repair shop and letting a mechanic check it is a good starting point. There are not many parts on a small engine, and often one that is not running can be easily repaired, but it is vital to know what to check and how to test the components. 

Many people get frustrated with small engines because they do not understand them, and sometimes one that is repairable is discarded because it is easier. However, repairing the engine may be less expensive than replacement. Taking the small engine to the shop for service can make the difference when your mower, trimmer, or other small engine-powered equipment is not working correctly.  

Reach out to a company that offers small engine repair services to learn more.